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Sunshine Act Compliance Software

In April 2010, we launched the first SaaS Sunshine Act Compliance System to help Medical Device Manufacturers and Pharmaceutical companies enter and track the data they need to comply with the Physician Payment Sunshine Act. We are still the most advanced platform for your compliance needs!

Approval Portal
Add workflows to ensure your "transfers of value" are reported correctly.

Flexible Software Fits Your Business

Our Physician Payment Sunshine Act compliance software is built on a flexible and powerful platform that can adapt to changes in the law and your business. Customize workflows, reports, dashboards and more with point and click simplicity.

Transfers by Type

Better Software = Total Compliance

  • Reduce reliance on email, spreadsheets, and paper
  • Secondary Audit trails via email & Change History
  • Preloaded with over 300,000 medical products
  • Understand your relationship with doctors better!

Compliance Made Easy

Here's how we help you comply with the Physician Payment Sunshine Act:
  • Track transfers of $10 or more
  • Aggregate spend of $100/year or more
  • Track by Form of Payment
  • Track Nature of Payment
  • Import NPI Numbers for 4 Million Recipients
  • Up to 5 products per transfer simplifies the process of complying with the Physician Payment Sunshine Act, so you can focus on creating and selling great products! We even have a mobile web interface so sales reps can enter transfers on the road. Snap a photo and upload receipts too!

Upload Transfers from your Mobile

What Customers Say

When our company researched software programs to track the data necessary to be compliant with the Sunshine act we quickly found that most of the options available would only cover tracking a portion of the data that we would need to track and report. Then we found Mr. Minter, he used his incredible knowledge to create a custom tailored solution that we used to track and report all Sunshine act related data without having multiple programs.
We wanted a solution that would track not only our employee’s expenses but also accounts payable that required reporting and we wanted it to integrate with our accounting system. Randall not only made it happen, he was always very quick to respond to our needs, questions, and helped with training our staff. He made it possible for us to file our first report on time and accurately with ease.
I would use Randall again anytime I had a custom programming project or had a need to report Sunshine Act data. I would also recommend his company and software to anyone required to report Sunshine Act data.

Susie Russell, Controller and Director of Administration
Visualase, Inc. (acquired by Medtronic, Inc. in July of 2014)

Sunshine Act Software became part of our team. The government site can be overwhelming, with a massive amount of reading and details to wade through.
The Sunshine Act Software helped bridge the gap between our systems and the government site. We surveyed about a half-dozen other options. They were expensive with features we had little need for. This program is customizable and easy on the eyes. Any questions were quickly answered, our company was compliant and we saved lots of money.

Dorinda Sandvig, Accountant

We have really enjoyed working with you! I will definitely keep you in mind for creative problem solving related to software. I think you are very talented with what you do and combined that with a knowledge of what is needed for the business was very helpful.

Leader of a medical device company, post acquisition

In 2015, a frantic new customer was referred to us. It was already past the original deadline, but before the extension the CMS had granted due to some bugs remaining in the CMS Portal. The new referral was struggling to get data into the CMS Portal online. The deadline was just one day away, so we worked diligently through the night and before the final deadline Fri, Apr 3, 2015 at 4:35 am, they sent us this email:
I took care of the submission and attest action this morning.
We can't thank you enough!!!!!!

The problem was related to a few bits of data, but also a configuration issue inside the CMS Portal we were able to help the customer resolve at the very last minute. It was a sweet victory for everyone involved.

A message from our founder

In the spring of 2010, an engineering friend from college at a major biotech company called to tell me about a new law that was terrifying the healthcare industry. The law required capturing and managing data that almost no company had technology to track. This law was known as The Sunshine Act.

She said, "Why don't you go build something to help us all out?" So I did.

At that time, the law was still a work in progress, but I read the entirety of what was available over the course of many days to deeply understand all the minutia of the law. Then I started building the software. That too, took a very long time, as you can imagine. The software sat dormant until the law was finalized in the Spring of 2013. The CMS Final Rule is 72 pages long and to the mind of a software engineer -- completely fascinating! I read every word more times than I can count -- I still read it occassionally just for fun. Numbers, data, reports, hundreds of different fields, data types and validation rules. I ate it up. During that summer, I diligently adapted the software to the new and much more concrete regulations and signed up our first users of the system. My fourth software startup was born!

Since then, has grown to manage many more aspects of our customers' businesses from expenses, not just for the sales reps, but everyone in the company, to accounts payable, physician relationships and more. We've built modules to import data from a variety of accounting systems, file formats, and automated credit card data feeds. We've taken hundreds of feedback messages and continually refined the manual entry process to reduce clicks and headaches. We added a native iPhone app to improve the lives of Sales Reps on the go.

Our quickly customizable platform can adapt to your business needs as your company grows and we've seen spectacular growth among our customers from startup, through to territorial division of sales reps, on to acquisition by a major manufacturer. Our user base has grown to include sales reps, accountants, IT workers, admins and more. Our database manages value transfers for companies as small as a handful of people to some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, medical device companies, group purchasing organizations, and even contract research organizations that track and compile records for their clients. We have the experience you need to comply simply, efficiently, and on-time -- every year.

As consumers of healthcare, we know the value transparency brings to the industry. As individuals, plagued by government bureaucracy, we also know how onerous that transparency process can be. There are always problems with the CMS Portal and we are embarrassed that our government with all its resources can't build a more user friendly product than our small team has built for you. The CMS Portal is notoriously lacking, but thankfully the people at the CMS are fantastic. I actually enjoy talking to them. They are undyingly patient and caring individuals who help a great number of people through a very stressful and frustrating time. The CMS Portal is incredibly complex and massively scalable -- I know because I analyze the millions of publicly reported value transfers and count the increases in file numbers between uploads too. A tremendous amount of data is flowing through the system. In that respect, the CMS Portal is absolutely amazing, but as a user, there is much to be desired. The law requires you to use their software. I hope you choose to use ours.

At the end of the day, with, you can trust the buck stops with an engineer and when problems arise, whether it be with your own accounting and reporting systems, our software, or the CMS Portal -- you need an engineer to solve them. When compliance season rolls around, we put your business first -- even above our own sleep -- and do what it takes to help you and your team comply with the law. We have met that goal every year with every customer. Let us upload your data for you and ease your pain even more: Nominate us for your Data Submitter Role. We've helped clients through the whole process from registering in the CMS Portal to retraining an entirely new staff for the USA subsidiary of a European company. We go the extra mile and will sleep when the CMS has all the data.

Since the very first year of data submission in 2014, we've uploaded millions of dollars worth of value transfers for our clients. An amount greater than the amount submitted by more than 90 percent of the 1,600 companies in the public data set. That's not all of it either! More of the data we manage throughout the year is submitted by clients of our clients.

There is a tremendous amount of software engineering experience, compliance expertise, and dedication to your success behind this product. Everyone involved on our side is very proud of the work we do. We are helping to improve healthcare in America. It's our mission not only to make transparency affordable, but also help you improve your business, so more people can benefit from the great products you make.

I hope you will join us.


Randall Minter
Founder & Lead Software Engineer

Master Data Management

Process Automation

Data you compile into reports to upload to the CMS come from several sources. We can automate much of the process and simplify the lives of your employees by letting them enter data just one time then exporting that data to other systems in your organization. For example, your sales reps can enter their expenses into our nifty iPhone app and upload receipts. That data is then copied over to to General Sunshine Transfers and they can just pick the doctors who were at the meeting and enter a few more pieces of data the government requires but your accounting team does not. They won't need to re-enter data multiple times into multiple systems so you can be compliant. Everyone saves time and the whole process becomes much simpler to manage.

Business Rules

You can even create custom rules so expenses flagged as Sunshine reportable are denied until recipients, products, or travel destinations are selected. This data is all then compiled automatically into the proper government formatted CSV upload files that you can download and upload yourself -- or we can do it for you if you nominate us as your data submitter.

Our expense reporting system can simplify the Excel spreadsheet process many companies still use today. You can approve and deny individual expenses to keep the reimbursments flowing quickly. You won't need to hold up an entire expense report because the Sales Rep forgot one receipt. Reimburse what you can verify today and then, when the sales rep gets you the information you need, reimburse the rest.

We can also integrate multiple levels of approval hierarchy so regional sales managers can deny and approve expenses before they go to accounting. Your business becomes more scalable instantly and you can make more people healthier more quickly.

Accounting Integration

You can also export data from Sunshine Act Software in properly formatted transaction files to import directly into QuickBooks or other accounting systems. Expenses are properly coded according to the Chart of Accounts to simplify reporting. We even let you code expenses as being realized at a future date so you can better understand how that marketing spend affects the performance of your business.

Realtime and Continuous Validation

Our preupload validation tool makes it very easy to stay on top of data that is missing or known to cause problems with the CMS's validation routines. You can quickly navigate to records that need corrections or extra data entered and fix known problems before you upload the data. Occasionally we still see validation errors after uploading the data, but this cannot be prevented with larger data sets, because the the CMS validation routines use proprietary data to verify the accuracy of recipient information. Their data does not always match the data about recipents that is publicly available or that is entered manually by your team. For example, if a license number for a doctor is entered incorrectly, the CMS will generate an error log.

Handling CMS Validation Errors

With any data integration process as massive as Sunshine Act Reporting, you can almost always expect an error or two in the communication. What you really need is a system that can simplify the understanding and correction of those errors to reduce the time it takes to comply. The error codes generated by the CMS are difficult to understand and have limited information in the error logs that make it difficult to find and correct problems.

Sunshine Act Software makes it easy to import those error logs, map the codes to descriptions and the records with the problem. Sometimes multiple errors will be generated for the same easy to fix issue. It may be as simple as correcting a typo on the zipcode for a recipient's business address. Just click the record number indicated with the error, identify and correct the problem, then re-upload the file.

Part of the way we make this simpler is by associating recipient data to spend records in such way that you can make a change to recipient information and that change is automatically reflected through all transactions you upload to the government. If you were managing this data in the CMS Portal directly or using Excel (gasp!) you'd have to update every transaction record with the correct recipient data. Of course, this becomes quite time consuming if you aren't using an advanced master data mangement system like Sunshine Act Software. Something that takes a just a few clicks in Sunshine Act Software requires navigating through 5 or more screens in the CMS portal -- for every single transaction associated with that recipient. With us, it's one and done!


One of the differentiators we offer our customers: A simple product that solves just your exact problem. We give all of our customers what they want inside their own Software as a Service. You don't see all the features we share with all customers if you don't want them. You can get new features you want without having to wait on us to integrate it with everyone else's system too. That's the advantage and it's our key to simplicity. We take a complicated problem and boil it down to exactly what your team needs. Already have an expense reporting system? Use that. Don't have one, use ours!

Today, outside Sunshine Act Software, the state of the art, and you'll know this if you've used a lot of software, not just software as a service, but any kind of software -- is that you're often bound to software that only progresses at the rate all customers need or at the rate the biggest customer needs. We don't struggle with that limitation, because our software platform was built from the ground up to be flexible and adaptable to the individual needs of each customer.

We want you to be our customer. Please contact us today.

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