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Import Physicians from the NPI Registry of nearly 4 Million recipients

It's easy to get information about recipients of value transfers using our NPI Import capability. Search the NPI Registry to import NPI numbers, address information, phone numbers and more. Augment publicly available information with your own custom fields. You can add as many fields as you like.

Importing a Specific Recipient

Once you've imported your recipient, you can add payments to that recipient right away, just click the Add Payment link!

Add a Payment

Our simple payment screen has the imported recipient already selected to save time. Just fill in the details.

Add Related Items Easily from over 300,000 Preloaded Products

Your SunshineActSoftware database comes preloaded with hundreds of thousands of medical products from hundreds of manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. We can easily limit the items to only those products your company sells to save you countless hours of data entry headaches!

Setup Email Notifications when Payments are Added

Stay updated as payments come into the system by adding email notifications. You can configure the email alert to only send emails for value transfers over a certain amount or if it is submitted by a particular sales rep.

You can also stay updated with our fantastic Dashboard

The dashboard has an incredible array of data available in real time. Know exactly what is happening within your system at all times with just a click of a link. Customize your dashboard to show only the data that interests you.

Add New Portals Easily

You can quickly and easily select new portals for your dashboard from the drop down menu.

Sales Dashboard shows only the numbers for that Sales Person

If you choose to limit visibility into your payments for sales reps so they can only see their information, dashboard charts reflect those security settings so the numbers in the charts are only calculated for the sales person who is logged in looking at their dashboard. Notice how the charts in this screen shot are different from the administrator dashboard. Admins can see all payments.

Generate Visualizations Automatically is very smart about your data. It knows how you want to see it and builds charts for you automatically breaking down payments by recipient, type, amount and more. Add any chart to your dashboard with copy/paste and a couple clicks!

Create your own custom reports too

Our point and click report generation tool makes it very easy to find the exact numbers that interest you. Drill through multiple layers of hierarchy to aggregate spend by any factor in your SunshineActSoftware Database, including custom fields particular to your organization.

Choose the Aggregate Values You Want

It's so easy to get the info you want, just point and click!

Custom Report Results in a Grid

Here we can see the results of our report in a tabular layout.

You can even build a chart on your custom report

Charting really helps us visualize and make sense of our data. makes it very easy to configure charts based on your custom configuration. You can even share your custom charts on the dashboard to stay updated in real-time as payments are flowing in.

Our Custom Chart Added to the Dashboard

Here you can see we've added our custom chart to our dashboard and put it right at the top so we can find it easily.

You can even build Custom Crosstab Reports with point and click

Getting the information you need to make better decisions is incredibly easy. Here we are building a Crosstab Report, also called a Pivot Table, to show how much money we are spending on each recipient and form of payment: Cash, Services, Stock or Other

Chart your pivot tables, can it get any better?

Wow, look at these stacked bar graphs created from our custom crosstab report. You can even hover over the different components of the bar to see exactly what the amount is. If that isn't enough, click the bar to see a grid of your payments filtered for that doctor and payment type!

Of course, like with all our charts, you can easily add this one to your dashboard too!

Add a drop down menu right to the report

If you want to get back to the data quickly and easily, just add a drop down menu. Click the "+ add submenu..." below any top level menu to create a submenu right to any location within, including reports, maintenance screens, grids, virtually every location within your system can be made a menu and the visibility of those menus can be limited to any or all user groups within the system. You can even create your own custom user groups. We have user groups for Compliance Officers, Sales Reps and Admins out of the box.

Here you can see we have added our submenu

Now we can get back to our custom report at anytime just by hovering our mouse over the Reports Menu.

Import, Export, API and more!

The platform is easily extensible and can be integrated with other systems in your organization. You can export data as CSV, JSON, XML or a custom format. You can also import data from Excel, CSV, or Tab delimited files.

Your programmers can even use our API to create, list, update, or delete records from any modern programming environment, including ASP.NET, Ruby, PHP, C++, Perl, ... there's really no limit to the customization options you need to create a scalable and integrated system to manage your Aggregate Spend reporting.

Export to Excel

Here we're showing you what the data looks like when you export it to Excel. A lot of people are very familiar with Excel and you can do a lot in there. We make it easy to get your data out and into an environment where you can manipulate, chart, and report on it like you've been doing for years already.

Search your data on any field, even custom ones.

You can quickly filter your records by any database field using a variety of query methods. Here we are looking for Cash payments of $50 or more for Food and Beverages.

Here we see our filtered Results

Our system is very responsive and your searches take just a second or two. No more waiting around for minutes, going to get coffee while you wait for the page to refresh.

Build Charts on Filtered Results

You can even build charts on Filtered results if you want to stay updated on particular types of payments and visualize them in real-time. Of course, as always, you can add these charts to your dashboard and share them with your team too.

Add Custom Fields to Your Database

Every database can be configured to your particular needs. In this example, our organization assigns each recipient to a particular sales rep. Every sales rep has a user account, so we Add a new column to our Recipient table called AssignedSalesRep and link that to our users. We can even use this new field to limit which recipients our sales reps see when they are adding new payments. If each sales rep has just 30 or so recipients assigned to them, then their drop down lists will just have those 30 doctors or hospitals, not the thousands your whole company works with throughout the entire United States.

We want to make life easier on the Sales Reps so they can enter the information quickly and easily, even on their mobile devices. Scroll down for screen shots of our mobile interface.

See payments on the calendar

Ever been in a situation where you were trying to find something in the database and all you can remember is which day it was? "Monday I was visiting with Dr. Smith, how much did I spend?"

Just pull up the Payments Calendar and you'll know quickly. Click on the item in the Calendar to get details about the transaction.

Double click the day to get details

We even show payments throughout the day so you can know what's happening all day every day with your Sales reps, physicians, and other recipients of payments. In the morning they are one place and the afternoon somewhere else. We want to you know what's going on at all times. Information helps us make better decisions and ultimately, that's what we humans are for. helps you make better decisions by making the information you need available quickly and easily.

Sales Reps can easily track spend on the road

Sales reps use their mobile device to easily add payments while they are out visiting with doctors. It's easy to do and makes life better when you don't have to sit down at the end of the month and try to reconcile all your spend. Just add them each time and life is good.

Mobile Add Payment Orientation

We work with iPhones, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices. You can alter orientation and see more of the screen. Pinch to zoom. We want your mobile work force to have a great experience with our software so they want to use it more and stay updated and comply with the law.

You can even snap Photos of Receipts and upload them

When you get to the Attachment field, just click the choose button and then pick Camera from the popup. Snap a picture of the receipt and click save. Now your field is loaded into the file chooser. Click Add and your photo will be uploaded to

You can even outsource management of the details. Just set up an email notification and a remote data entry staff can fill in amounts based on photos of receipts. Mesh payments with scheduled visits to doctors to automate most of the work!

Here we can see a photo of our Receipt

Receipts make it easy to verify and account for all spend.

Mobile Email Alerts

You can even get email alerts on your mobile device. Compliance managers can click the link to approve or deny spend records and request more information from Sales Reps so your reporting is compliant.

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