In 2010, after hearing about the upcoming Sunshine Act legislation, we created our physician payment tracking software based on the premises of the legislation proposed in Congress.

When the Final Rule on Open Payments was published by the Center for MediCare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and concrete information about requirements could be determined, we updated the software to match the law.

Our Commitment

Sunshine Act Software is committed to making it easy for our customers to collect data under the physician open payments legislation. Our goal is to have the reporting software that most accurately reflects the CMSs requirements. We stay current with changes in the law and update our software quickly to help our customers comply.

Sales Network

Sunshine Act Software operates a distributed sales network with representatives in Colorado, North Carolina and Washington State. If you are interested in reseller opportunities, please contact us.


Sunshine Act Software is a privately owned company. For media inquiries, please contact us.